Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Entire Hebrew / English Transliterated Bible - Over 4000 Pages!

The Entire Bible Translitered in Hebrew And English, Over 4000 pages!

Read the Bible In Hebrew even if you can't read Hebrew Letters!

On One CD with three different Bible with Advanced Capabilities

The Newest Product from Hebrew World, the entire Bible transliterated in Hebrew and English!

Now, even those who can't read Hebrew Letters can read the bible in Hebrew!

With Concise Transliteration, broken down syllable by syllable for easy reading by English Speakers!

Never before has a product like this been released with as many capabilities!

Now, even those who can't read Hebrew Letters can read the bible in Hebrew

Concise Transliteration, broken down syllable by syllable for easy reading

  • No previous knowledge of Hebrew is needed!
  • Reach a 90% proficiency at Reading the Bible in Hebrew in one hour
  • Over 4000 pages, containing the entire Tanach (The Old Testament, Prophets, Psalms and more)...
  • Now includes Free MP3 cd with the entire Bible Narrated in Hebrew arranged by books, over 65 hours of recording!
  • 3 Different bibles so that you can read and search throughout the Bible, copy text from the bible into your documents, and even print pages from the Bible
  • Compatible with Both Windows and MAC
  • No other comparable product is on the market that is this easy, filled with capabilities, or user-friendly. Even low quality competitors charge up to $1000 dollars!

See screen shots of The Transliterated Bible:

A sample page from Bible One
A sample page from Bible Two

Introduction price - ONLY $49.95 $5.50 shipping (US only)

International air shipping to most countries - $10.00

Please note the files are mainly PDF format. If you want a total complete Transliteration this may be ideal one to have one.

The Transliterated Hebrew Bible (Tanach) Software

4000 PAGES!! line-by-line, Hebrew, English and Transliteration of the whole Hebrew Bible (the Tanach or Old Testament) for PC or Mac.
PLUS - FREE! mp3 CD with the entire Tanach narrated in Hebrew (65 hours)

In this program, the Hebrew text of the Bible is written with both Hebrew and English letters. The text in blue (see below) is the transliteration - Hebrew words spelled with English letters.
Our transliteration is very simple to use: it consists of common sounds found mostly in English. We took an extra step, and broke down most of the words in the Hebrew Bible into core syllables, separated by small bullets (we did not apply this to God's name).

With this program you will be able to read every Hebrew word in the bible - even if you don't know Hebrew!
Includes three units, allowing you several options, including printing pages with the font used in printed editions of Bible and Prayer books.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Book of Truth - Sifrei Emet

The Book of Psalms, Proverbs and Job are known as the Book of Truth. We can see the Hebrew word for Emet at the first letter of each book put them together you have the word Acronym EMT Emet it is call the book of truth because it illustrate the life truth pictured in man-man relationship, man - Hashem relationship

Sifrei Emet The book of Truth Poetry Wisdom

bullet03_blue.gif Tehillim / Psalms תהלים