Saturday, 6 April 2013

Psalms 67 fully Hebrew transliterated updated

Psalms Tehillim 67 - A prayer of bountiful harvest; it is also messianic era


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See this example.
67:2 (67:3) לדעת בארץ דרכך בכל־גוים ישׁועתך׃

That Thy way may be known on earth, Thy salvation among all nations.

According to the Yehudim custom that following the counting of the omer you, read Tehillim 67. According to rabbinic tradition the association is that this Tehillim has 49 Hebrew words which corresponds to the seven complete weeks (49 days of the counting of the omer). So far I have tried to count them exact true. However the first line phrase “Lamnatzekh binginot mizmor shir” not counted. The seven weeks or forty-nine days of counting of omer is known as Sefirah.

This video below has the lyrics