Thursday, 4 June 2009

Minor update of Bamidbar

The update of Bamidbar from chapter 1-7 for the Torah portion Bamidbar and Naso

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Include Aliyot Markup - titles, correction words, highlight keywords.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Series of books for Biblical studies

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Hidden Treasures

Title: Hidden Treasures
ISBN: 978-0-9818730-0-8
Author: Joseph Shulam
Language: English
Price: $14.99 (Shipping Included)

There is a traditional Jewish saying that "the Torah has 70 faces." The question then arises of how an ordinary student of the Bible can view all these faces. In this easy-to-read, yet groundbreaking, book, Joseph Shulam explains the way that Judaism in late antiquity interpreted its sacred texts. Some of the concepts discussed include kal va-homer, midrash, hekkesh, and the four levels of Rabbinic interpretation. Besides explaining how these methods work, this book also gives examples of how the New Testament's authors used them to create sacred texts in their own time. The second section of this book contains a series of articles on subjects relevant to the development of modern Messianic Judaism such as education, the formulation of halacha, and the necessary balance between grace and the observance of the Torah. This work will be a valuable asset to anyone who desires to deepen his understanding of the Jewish background of the Scriptures and the current issues facing contemporary Messianic Judaism.

Mashiach ben Yoseph

Title: Mashiach ben Yoseph
Author: Elhanan ben Avraham
Language: English
Price: $9.99 (Shipping Included)

Mashiach ben Yosef Cover Web.jpg In the Jewish worldview, Joseph the Patriarch has long been understood to be a prototype of the Messiah. The Talmud speaks about the "Mashiach ben Yoseph" (the Messiah the son of Joseph) and his death as a suffering servant who would bring partial redemption to Israel and pave the way for the coming of "Mashiach ben David" (the Messiah the son of David).
This book by Elhanan ben Avraham gives a detailed, step-by-step comparison between the lives of Joseph the Patriarch and Yeshua of Nazereth. Both of them were the beloved sons of their fathers who were betrayed by their brothers, separated from their families, raised to greatness among the Gentiles, and eventually restored to their brothers to bring redemption both to the nations and salvation to their own people. (Of course, Yeshua's restoration to His brothers and complete redemption of the world is still to come). The parallels with the story of Joseph bring great prophetic hope for the soon completion of the redemptive process through Yeshua the Messiah. This book will be beneficial for anyone who is interested in understanding the greatness of both Joseph the Patriarch and Yeshua's purposes in the history of the Jewish people and the world as a whole.

From Jerusalem to Jerusalem

(Autobiographical Sketches by Moshe Immanuel Ben Meir)From Jerusalem to Jerusalem_300.jpg

Read the account of the journey of faith of this pioneer of the Messianic movement in Israel! Moshe ben Meir was born as an ultra-Orthodox Jew in the Old City of Jerusalem in the time of the Ottoman Empire, and he came to faith in Yeshua as a young man. This remarkable and inspiring book tells his story in his own words. It recounts his journey to faith in Yeshua and his life and ministry in Israel. Moshe remained committed to traditional Jewish halakhah while following the Messiah with all his heart.
Title: From Jerusalem to Jerusalem
Author: Moshe Immanuel Ben Meir
Language: English / Hebrew / Korean
Price: $9.99 (Shipping Included)

A Commentary on the Jewish Roots of Acts Acts cover_300.jpg It is masterfully written, carefully researched, saturated with documentation from every relevant Jewish source and penetratingly analytical of the linguistic nuances of the Greek and Hebrew vocabulary in Acts. It belongs in the library of everyone who wants a scholarly, well written source for a serious study of Acts.

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Title: The Jewish Roots of Acts (2 Volumes)
Author: Hilary Le Cornu with Joseph Shulam
Language: English
Price: $79.00 +shipping

A Commentary on the Jewish Roots of Galatians

Galations Cover_300.jpgGalatians, the archetypical Pauline letter, unfortunately has too often been used to characterize Paul as angrly anti-Jewish or at the very least, antinomian and to condemn Jewish believers who want to preserve their Jewish identity or keep the Torah. This commentary, written unapologetically from the point of view that the New Testament writings are Jewish texts, gives a new interpretation of this important New Testament book that should be read by everyone who wants to understand Galatians in its original context. It contains a critical assessment of Paul as a Jew who was governed by Jewish principles and methods. Clearly and engagingly written, the authors capitalize on methodological gains such as rhetorical criticism and recent finds like 4QMMT. There is much here to recommend.

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Title: The Jewish Roots of Galatians
Author: Hilary Le Cornu with Joseph Shulam
Language: English
Price: $60.00 +shipping