Thursday, 3 May 2012

1st Korinthos updated

Mashiach's First Letter through Shliach Rav Sha'ul

(also known as Paulos)

to the Assembly at Kórinthos

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Author: Rav Shaul - Paulos the Shliach of Yeshua HaMashiach.
Theme: Messianic Believer conduct
Date of writing: AD 56
Focus and Theme:-
  • correction of error brought about more by carnality of believers at Korinth than by heresy.
  • an expression of Paulos's grief, solicitude and set apart indignation because of the not-spiritual and immoral condition of the assemble of Korinthos.
  • the general believer's conduct of various subjects were addressed
  • the tremendous revelation of the truth and hope concerning the resurrection both the living and dead.
Update and fine tune, words easy to understand. The names of Non-Jews retain their Greek identity with the Greek Transliteration names and the names of place are in Greek Transliteration.

The names of Yehudim are in Hebrew Transliteration names. Having the Hebraic culture expression.

I would suggest the Messianic community to pay more attention and take heed about what Rav Shaul or Paulos warning n teaching on the believer's spiritual walk in Mashiach.