Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Judaica Press Tanach with Rashi CD

The Complete Tanach with Rashi - Classic Texts - Torah - Bible

Make learning and understanding Tanach easy!

This valuable new program is truly a complete and powerful learning tool for studying and understanding the Bible. From the authentic Hebrew text to the authoritative English translation, from its dazzling array of full-color photographs and charts to its useful display and printing capabilities, it is destined to become the premiere program of its kind.

The Judaica Press Complete Tanach is the only CD-ROM available that contains the English translation of both the Tanach text and Rashi's commentary on the entire Tanach. The translation is the authoritative Judaica Press version, edited by the esteemed translator and scholar, Rabbi A.J. Rosenberg.

Photos and Charts
The Judaica Press Complete Tanach features dozens of illuminating charts, maps, drawings and full-color pictures of Biblical sites, linked to the text, that can be printed directly from the program.

Display and Printing
The Judaica Press Complete Tanach offers the unique ability of viewing any verse in the Tanach, complete with Hebrew (including vowel points and cantillation marks), English translation and Rashi's commentary in both Hebrew and English, in separate, scrolling windows. You can actually study the text on screen, complete with commentary, and even print multiple texts on the same page.

Search Engine
The Judaica Press Complete Tanach features powerful search capabilities, for both Hebrew and English, which allow you to locate individual words or phrases within the text, quickly and easily.

Windows CD

PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, 32MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive

Monday, 20 April 2009

Song of Songs Complete Full Hebrew Transliterate - Translation MP3

The Song of Songs Chapter 1 is lovely song, suggest you can use the Jambe drum to beat the rhythm, found this link Song of Songs Chapter 1 sung by Benjamin Brody.
Shir Hashirim – By Benjamin Brody

The Lyrics of Song of Songs Chapter 1

I managed to complete Song of Songs Chapter 1-8 the Hebrew Text, Transliterate or Romanized Hebrew Text with English Translation with MP3 Hebrew reading. Each word Transliterated text according the MP3 pronounciation - Dictation.

I soon get use the words as many words are repetition. I could figure out the reading Hebrew Text.

"Who said that" also indicated "shulamite, Benot Yerushalayim, Brothers, Shelomoh,, the Sherpherd etc. Also take note that Jewish Bibles Chapter 6 has 13 verses taking first verse from Chapter 7 thus Chapter 7 verse numbering is different from the Non-Jewish bibles.

I will be doing the mouse over on the transliterated text for the explanation words or online notes and cross references. That means point the transliterated text will give meaning and information. My actual study begins.

The Hebrew Text are read from right to left and the alignment are Right alignment

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Vayikra 6,7,8 update

The Torah portion Tzav update the following chapters of Vayikra

6 , 7 , 8

change background, keyword highlight, some illustration, cross reference and comments added

This week my turn to share the Torah Portion Tzav.