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Parashah Reading and the 7 aliyah readers

For those who are new to Jewish practices:

On every Shabbat morning in Synagogue all over the world, the Torah scrolls are ceremoniously taken out from arks carried through the aisles to be touched reverently by the assembly of the Jewish people.

Seven people are called up to recite blessings before and after they have read the the sacred Hebrew text of the Torah from the scroll. The practice of public reading from the Torah dates back at least to the time of Ezra. The word parashah meaning portion read each week follows a prescribed sequence tied to the Jewish year. There are a total of 54 parashot for the entire year. The reading commences with Beresheet to Devarim. 34 on Simchat Torah the following year, when with great joy the scroll is immediately re-rolled and Beresheet 1 is read again.

The reading from the scripture does not end just with the Torah portion. After the Torah portion are read follows on the reading of prophets known as Haftarah (completion), Tehillim, or Ketuvim and Brit Hadashah.

The seven person who call up to read is called "aliyah". Being called up to the bimah (pulpit) for the Torah reading is an honor. The Hebrew word for such an invitation is aliyah it meaning "going up" it is the same word use for the meaning "immigrating to Yisrael" since it is a spiritual going up for a Yehudi to return to the land.

In this Hebraic Transliterated scripture in the Torah section will be equip with the following:

At the begining of each parashah, gives it name and the meaning which is often a phrases or word from the first few verse as the theme of the reading. Also with each Torah portion are bold-face printed red italicized (i; ii; iii; vi; v; vi; vii) indicating where each of the aliyot begins. Near the end of the seventh aliyah is the word Maftir whoever is to read the haftarah starts by reading these final verses of the Torah portion from the scroll or the scriptures and then reads the Neviim portion from the scriptures. Below is a video presented by Rabbi Jonathan hope give a better understand what has been explained. Baruch Hashem.

Torah Honour Aliyah

How the Torah portion works?

There are Seven portions of the Hebrew texts, Each portion is an outline study and also to be read by 7 aliyahs on Shabbat.

1st portion | 2nd Portion | 3rd Portion | 4th Portion | 5th Portion | 6th Portion | 7th Portion | Maftir.

We are to read each portion a day for our daily devotion and to be shared when the group met on Shabbat?

Sunday (1st day of the week) 1st portion;
Monday 2nd portion,
Tuesday 3rd portion,
Wednesday 4th portion;
Thursday 5th portion;
Friday 6th portion
Saturday 7th portion - Maftir

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